The advantage of online fruit machines over slots

You’ve heard about online fruit machines, but what are they? Online fruit machines are what the Americans call slot machines, but with a few added features to help win more. The basic play is to spin the reels and try to make a matching combination of numbers, objects or in the case of fruit machines, pictures of fruit. There are usually a total of three reels and prizes listed for different combinations. You must match all three to win.

When you play slots at online casinos your chances of winning are all determined by luck. You can’t influence anything in the game. However with fruit machines you have a number of options to increase your chances of winning so you don’t have to rely on luck alone.

The most popular of these is the hold feature. This lets you hold one or two reels, so in the case that you have two matching “fruits” you can hold them and spin again, but only affecting the third reel. This increases your chances of winning. This adds an extra edge to the game and introduces some tactics that you can use.

Another feature is the nudge button. This is advantageous when you have two matching “fruits” and you can see the third just above the third reel. You can then use the nudge button to “nudge” the third “fruit” down so that you have a winning combination.

Some fruit machines also have extra games available if you match a winning combination. The winning combination opens up a new game for you which has a much bigger jackpot up for grabs.

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