Gambling addiction

Gambling is intended to provide entertainment and enjoyment, but in some cases it can become a problem. Some people feel uncontrollable obsession that makes them continue to gamble when it is not wise to do so. When this happens, judgement is often distorted and usual reasoning goes out the window. It is in these times that people will often lose more money than they gain, and it often continues in a cycle that makes them put more and more money into gambling until they have nothing left.

A common compulsion in gambling is when you lose, you think that if you bet just a few more times you could win your money back. This is possibly the worst strategy in gambling and is called “chasing loses”. In fact it’s not a strategy. It’s the complete opposite. It has no structure at all and is just random. People often just lose more money this way. It is much better to cut your losses and only return to playing when you are in a different frame-of-mind. Although chasing loses is not gambling addiction, it shows some of the characteristics that may lead to an addiction.

Compulsive gambling is a diagnosable condition and there is lots of help around for it. Casinos are required to provide help if a member needs it.

Gambling allows you to escape from reality and may stop you thinking about other problems in your life. However addition often creates problems of its own such as debt and relationship problems to name a few. The problem is that it is difficult to define the line where addiction is occurring. Other people will see if before you do because your judgement will be clouded with the desire and eagerness to win.

The general rule is that gambling is fun and is meant for enjoyment. Play for entertainment, but don’t play with money you haven’t got or can’t afford to lose.

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