How to withdraw money from online casinos

After you have won lots of money at a casino, the next thing you want to know is – How do I get my winnings? An online casino will always have lots of ways to withdraw you money. Each one will have different options, but there are usually common ones.

1) Bank wire transfer: Your winnings are transferred quickly and easily to your bank account with not much involvement on your part. There could be a withdrawal fee, so watch out for this and it could be a good idea to wait until your winnings get to a certain site before you withdraw.

2) Online E-wallet/payment service: Sites like Moneybookers, NETELLER, Paypal. You can use these for deposit and withdrawals from most online casinos. Paypal is the exception. A lot of them don’t offer this service yet. These options are often good in the US, where banks are not allowed to process gambling debit and credit card transactions. Using an E-wallet, you also don’t have to pay any charges to the casino, but you usually have to pay a small charge to the e-wallet company somewhere along the way, usually when you withdraw to your bank account.

3) Cheque: The casino will send you a cheque with your winnings. Using this method is slower, but you may end up paying a lot less in charges and possibly none.

4) Debit and credit cards. There are different rules with different cards, but you can often withdraw money to a credit/debit card. This is often useful if you used the same card to deposit the money in the first place.

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