Increasing your Chances to Win in Gambling

If you could increase your chances of winning the lottery, would you grab the opportunity? What if you could predict what numbers would be called while playing togel singapore online, roulette, or any other online gambling game?

There are dedicated people who have got number prediction down to a science. Through repetitive practice, tons of research, and a lot of time on their hands, they’ve come up with ways of increasing your chances of winning! Let’s dive into them.

Strategies to increase your Chances

Eliminating “cold” numbers

Using this method requires that you’re able to collect data on the numbers that haven’t been drawn in a while. Collecting this data and creating a chart can help to eliminate those “cold” numbers from your choices. This raises your chances.

There’s a statistical probability that numbers not called during the past 10 games, will not be called at all. Keeping track of the numbers that HAVE been called can also help to raise your chances.

Use a number predicting program

For a variety of togel variations and other number-based gambling games, there are customer made programs that help to predict potential draws.

 These programs use databases of past results to determine the statistical probability of numbers being drawn.

Use a number generator

There are also a few number generators designed to analyze a selected choice of sequences and combinations. The purpose of this is to remove more of the guesswork when choosing numbers for yourself.

As a set rule, when in doubt, limit the number of choices you have. Most often than not, the key to winning is the confidence you have in your choices. Remove the guesswork as often as possible.

Using Numerology

With the science of numerology, you could designate numbers based on things such as your birthdate, your address, and your full name. Finding your lucky numbers with these methods also helps to relieve you of any guesswork you may have had prior.

Looking at numbers from this angle reveals a few exploits you could use.

For example:

You have numbers that are by themselves, and can no longer be reduced (primary).

You have numbers that can add to themselves to become an odd number. (Adding 3 and 6 together gives you the odd 9).

You have numbers that can be reduced further. (With the number 46, adding them together gives 10, which when reduced gives you 1).

Choose the right gamble

Regardless of the previous preparations, you may have made, if you choose the wrong gamble then your efforts would be for naught. Every gambling game has a set rate of winning. Not all games are created equally.

As the gambler, it’s more or less your own responsibility to do some research beforehand on the kind of game you’ll be playing the most of.


As with any other kind of gambling, or gambling in general, play responsibly. Don’t be afraid to do a little research beforehand on the games you’re playing, the websites you’ll be playing on ( if you’ll be playing online) and the different strategies relating to each game.

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