How to deposit money at online casinos

After you have joined a casino there are lots of ways to get money into your account. After all, the casino wants you to start playing as quickly as possible. The most popular methods for depositing money are: credit card, debit card, wire transfer and Neteller.

Credit cards are quick and easy. You also have insurance against fraud with credit card transactions. In some cases there can be problems where cards are denied. This can be the case in the USA where bank-casino credit card transactions are no longer legal.

Debit cards allow money into your account just as fast as credit cards, but the money comes straight from your bank account rather than being put on your credit card bill.

Wire transfer is another popular method. However this can be slower than the first two methods, so only recommended if you don’t plan on playing straight away. The transaction could take a couple of days to be completed.

Neteller is a very popular E-wallet service that basically operates as the middle man between your bank account and the online casino. Accounts are free and you can make deposits and withdrawals as you wish. Withdrawals are usually charged a fee which is how the company makes its money. Neteller is a popular choice when credit card transactions are denied.

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